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66The practice hosts junior doctors in cooperation with the LUMC, known in the Netherlands as “AIOS”. Training to become a GP takes at least three years, of which the first and last years are followed in a general practice. Therefore, you may sometimes be seen by a first-year of third-year AIOS.

When making an appointment, you can ask to be seen by Dr. Boender or the AIOS. As part of the training procedure, your doctor is aware of everything that is discussed and done during the appointments. Dr. Boender, your own GP, fully supervises the AIOS.

Through years of experience as a GP, Dr. Boender shares his knowledge and latest insights  with a new generation of practitioners, at the highest level.  Strict requirements and an up-to-date training policy ensure that our team can deliver the highest quality of care. The downside may be that every year may encounter new trainees. Of course, you can always state your preference for making an appointment with Dr. Boender himself.

Besides training doctors, the practice also trains medical assistants.

We hope that you, like us, see the value of educating the next generation of doctors and medical assistants.