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About us

top_houtlaanOur practice is located in Health Care Center Leidse Hout.  We work with the main hospitals in Leiden. Therefore, you can be assured of efficient help within the city.

Our team consists of our general practioner, Dr. Boender; nurse practioner, Minke van Hulst; psychologist, Alexander Verbree ; medical assistant, Alexandra Rotteveel; medical assistant, Brigitte Vlieland; and medical assistant, Jannet van der Kwaak.  We regularly have doctors and medical assistants in training.

Dr. Boender has worked at a wide range of general practices for many years. He also trained in sexual health at the RHINO in Amsterdam.

Thanks to our location in Health Care Center Leidse Hout, we have access to a variety of medical staff such as psychologists, physical therapists, dietitians, and pediatricians.  You can quickly be referred to nearby hospitals for medical tests, specialists and our laboratory for blood work.

We are NHG accredited.  The NHG is the scientific association of general practitioners in the Netherlands. Its mission is to improve and support evidence-based general practice. The College is involved in practice accreditation according to quality criteria covering medical performance, practice organization and patient satisfaction Every year these quality requirements are reassessed. Furthermore, our training program must meet strict academic requirements. This  challenges us to continuously strive towards improvement.

Our staff

  • Doctor: Hugo Boender
  • Junior Doctor (GP in training): Andrea Zandbergen
  • Nurse Practitioner: Minke van Hulst
  • Psychologist: Alexander Verbree
  • Assistant: Alexandra Rotteveel
  • Assistant: Jannet van der Kwaak
  • Assistant: Brigitte Vlieland